IT and Services

Borderless Networks

* Creating new business models by allowing customers to interact more closely
* increase the use of resources  and optimise productivity through the use of  device, at any particular time anywhere
*Increase  operational efficiency by reducing cost

  • The next-generation architecture of Cisco, delivers the new workspace experience by connecting anyone, anywhere, using any device, to any resource – securely and reliably. The restrictions that once existed around locations, devices, or applications are disappearing
  • Cisco Borderless Network Architecture aids IT adapt to these rapid changes as a result of changing work models and technology trends. The architecture provides user services that deliver borderless security, performance, and mobility to increase business agility. These are supported by key network services that is  necessary for IT to deliver on the clients’expectations for increased productivity and IT efficiency



  • The work world has become more complicated where organisations want to improve and increase team performance. Workforces are geographically dispersed. Travel has increased and budgets have been reduced.An overload of  Information is considered normal. Therefore effective collaboration is critical to help improve and accelerate team performance.
  • Cisco Collaboration solutions help you build more effective and efficient teams across corporate boundaries, companies, and continents. Teams can instantly share the most relevant information or have instant communication with experts anywhere in the world. This, in turn, improves interactions, encourages innovation and creativity, one is able to make better decisions, faster, and more effectively and in so doing increase responsiveness to customers and the market.


The Cisco Collaboration portfolio includes:
• Conferencing
• Customer Care
• Enterprise Social Software
• IP Communications
• Messaging
• Mobile Applications
• Telepresence

Audio video services

Ricata  specialises in audio as one of their main entities. We specialise in Speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, high-end projectors high-end audio cables and much more.

We are exclusive distributors of many products in Southern Africa.  These include:

  • Line magnetic
  • Devore fidelity
  • ASI
  • Running springs
  • Modwright Instruments
  • Acoustic system International

We can also supply the following equipment:

  • Audiophilleo
  • Acoustic revive
  • JL Audio
  • Jeff Roland
  • B & W
  • BAT
  • MacIntosh
  • Leben
  • Marantz

We offer unified communications and network infrastructure solutions and expertise in:

* Network Infrastructure
* Unified Communication

Strategic vendor partners include: Avaya, Extreme Networks and Polycom, ACME Packet, AudioCodes and many others.

We also offer secure technology solutions for network and application infrastructure.

We together with our partners have expertise in the following technologies:

*Perimeter Security: Firewall/UTM
*Data & Application Security
*Mobility, Access Infrastructure/Control
*WAN Acceleration/Optimization
*Compliance Management
*Virtualization/Cloud Security