Line Magnetic Audio is a brand of High end products founded in 2005. Currently,  it has become well known with its series reproduction of music and regarded as a forerunner in presenting innovative products with cutting edge technology and lasting intrinsic value. Within Line Magnetic Audio there is a continuous resolve to uphold their philosophies to the very best of our ability to develop the very best product and give the highest service to all music lovers worldwide. To the company this is not just a job but a way of life.

“We are hoping to enjoy the musical life with all of you and have a great journey in the most natural and enjoyable music world”.


Founded by president and chief designer John DeVore in 2000, DeVORE FIDELITY has gone on to receive universal acclaim for every one if its products. Combining 30 years experience as a musician, 20 years of speaker designing and 18 years of Hi-Fi industry experience to his company, John continues to push the state of the art in speaker design. He said, “Understanding all the design elements of an audio component and balancing these in a way that extracts the optimal contribution of each is the key to creating a design that conveys the true emotional content of a recorded musical performance”.

“Our goal at DeVORE FIDELITY is to create products that communicate the life-breath of music” 


ModWright was founded in 2000 as a company producing modifications to digital products. The mods were cost-effective, yet high quality alternative to the audio enthusiast. Born from this, our Truth series of modifications, utilizing tube analog stages, won ModWright worldwide acclaim and led us to the next step: building own equipment. We have continued on this path of building high quality and high value audio equipment, designed to provide the most natural and satisfying musical experience.

We pride ourselves as much on the quality of our work as on our level of service and customer satisfaction.